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Walt Disney did not hear the name, but the people who love cartoons are almost unbearable. Disney was versatile talent. The whole life has worked hard. Despite being at the peak of success, he has not stepped aside from the creations. He is known to be the creator of the character of ‘Mikimaus’ cartoon. But in the 65 years of life, he has created many things like giving happiness to the children. Not to mention Disneyland’s name. Disney was a successful artist, successful film director, filmmaker, scriptwriter, voice writer, interpreter and cartoon filmmaker. Disney collaborated with his brother Roy and Disney in the film production company ‘Disney Production’. Later, the name of the company was changed to ‘Walt Disney Company’. At present, the company’s annual income is $ 3 billion.

Born 106 years ago on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Disney America. His father’s name was Elias Disney. Mother was Flora Call Disney. Although born in Chicago, soon after the birth of Disney, his parents went to the city of Missouri, to the city of Marseille. There, Disney’s childhood and adolescence cut. From childhood, there was a tendency to paint Disney Pictures. She provided the money for neighboring friends, who gave her own hands. Afterwards, McKinley of Chicago mastered aerodynamics in high school. Walt Disney’s contribution to the establishment of his mother and elder brother Roy Disney was like to mention.

The 1925 Walt Disney was created by his first colorful cartoon film ‘Flowers and Trees‘. Walt Disney’s first Academy Award in the life of the cartoon. In 1937, using the multiplane camera system, he created another famous short film ‘The Old Mile’. The first feature film to be released in Disney was released on December 21, 1937. The film, entitled “Snow White and the Seven Durses”, helps Walt Disney become the founder. After that, he made famous films such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi, one after the other.

His dream was to create a character through the cartoon, which would be known by one name. Small and big people will get equal popularity. Walt Disney works tirelessly to make this dream a reality. And the result is that cartoon is the most dynamic, quick and popular character in the history of ‘Mickey Mouse’. On 18 November 1928 Mikimaus debuted. The first cartoon was ‘Steamboat Wheel’. Walt Disney himself gave Mickey Mouse the role in this. However, until 1946, he had been vocal about the role of Mikimaus.Miki Maus img

Cartoon character Miki Maus, another famous work like ‘Disneyland’. This is also the real form of Walt Disney’s imagination. Walt Disney used his talents, talents, and creativity to finalize the ‘Disneyland’. The theme park, founded in Anaheim, California, USA, attracts millions of visitors every day. This theme park named Disneyland was inaugurated on July 17, 1955. Here are the eyes, sea, desert, and jungle, thousands of riding, toys and cinema hall. Significant patterns of change since the creation of the world to the present era. There is a battlefield, a famous sample of all the famous castles and palaces. As one is known, by the year 1998, 515 million visitors visited Disneyland.

The creator, Mickimaus and Disneyland creator Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966.

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