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The Herbal Medicine that may help recover from Stroke

The Herbal Medicine that may help recover from Stroke Health Care – One study suggests that a plant called Ginkgo Biloba can help the patient’s brain recover again. These herbal medicines are available in any shop in Britain. However, these herbal medicines are used in China to improve memory retention …

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9 food that will increase your life expectancy

9 food that will increase your life expectancy Whoever lay down on deathbed may also wish to live longer for another minute or some other time. No one really wants to embrace death. Still, the truth is that, if you are born, you have to taste the death. We can …

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Avicenna | Scientist Biography

Ibn Sina cov img

Avicenna Abu Ali Hossain Ibn Sina, Far above the boundaries of the nation and religion. People just feel proud of their respect. In Arabic, Sheikh refers to experienced and farsighted knowledge. Ibn Sina is called al-Sheikh al-Rais or the head of the wise. Therefore, it is easy to understand the …

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Al-Biruni | Scientist Biography

Al-Biruni Abu Raihan Al-Biruni or Abu Raihan Mohammed Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni (973- 1048 AD) was a famous Arab scholar and researcher of medieval times. He was a very basic and deep thinker. His full name is “Abu Raihan Mohammed Ibn Ahmad al-Biruni”. Commonly known as Al-Beruni, he lived outside the …

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Al Battani | Scientist Biography

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Al Battani The first accurate measurement of the scientist showed that in a solar year 365 days 5 hours 46 minutes 24 seconds, his real name is Abu Abdullah bin Jabir Ibn Sinan al-Battani (858-929 AD). He is better known as Al Batteani. His exact date of birth could not …

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Albert Einstein | Scientist Biography

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Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Germany’s Nobel Prize Winner Physicist He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. He was awarded the cause of his reward, special contributions to theoretical physics, and especially for research related to photoreal work. Einstein has done a lot of research in various fields of …

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Alexander Graham Bell | Scientist Biography

Alexander Graham Bell As soon as you receive the phone, say “Hello”, but know how did this “Hello” change? Did you know that a girl named “Hello”? What are you surprised! Think of that girl? She is Margaret Hallo. Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone explorer’s girlfriend!!! You are using the …

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Alessandro Volta | Scientist Biography

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Alessandro Volta Alessandro Giuseppe António Anastasio Volta He is an Italian physicist. He was the pioneer in the development of power. In the eighteenth century, he was the first to discover the first battery or electricity cell. He was born in Komoy. He studied at a government school there. In …

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Alfred Nobel | Scientist Biography

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Alfred Nobel Swedish chemist Dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel passed away on 10 December 1896. After taking ownership of steel factory Bofors, he turned it into a famous arms manufacturing factory. He donates his wealth for the introduction of the Nobel Prize. Artificially prepared Nubelialium named after him. On 21 October …

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Archimedes | Scientist Biography

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Archimedes About the year 287 BC, a child born on the island of Syracuse in the Sicily islands grew up with renowned scientist Archimedes. Father Fiidius was an astronomer. He studied in Alexandra, in adolescence and youth. The master of the very meritorious and diligent Archimedes was the father of …

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