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Srinivasa Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan

On December 22nd, mathematicians have been known for the 129th birthday of Ramanujan, a mathematician. He was born in 1887 in Ajapargaay, about 400 kilometers away from Madras (now Chennai) in India. Parents were very poor, which led to her being forced to take part in the shortfall. His talent for mathematics was developed a while ago. At the age of 15, he solved the complex problems of mathematics. Before that, some of the friends of the school who cannot be terminated at all, such as the value of Pi or the square root of two as much as they would have liked to say to the house.

Many other mathematicians, like scientists, are considered to be the best in mathematics but the rest of the subjects are completely raw. Having passed the matriculation examination with good results, the college could not cross the college, because it was very poor in English. After repeated attempts, hunger has become completely submerged in the middle of poverty, in mathematical studies. Day and night mathematics and mathematics, after marriage, leave the family religion and keep on math. Once upon a time, thinking of his family, he took up the job of Clark at the Madras Port Trust. This job was a bit better in the middle of the problem. There were some people who found the value of his math talent. Under his formulation, he was introduced to a number of mathematical experts. Later on, in his enthusiasm, some of Ramanuja’s research articles were published in different journals. Because of which Ramanuja Saran was known to the mathematician of the world, he is a famous mathematician of London, G. H. Hardy. Ramanujan has done a great job at some time with some courage – wrote a letter to Professor Hardy of Cambridge University. Under the letter, it was discovered that the 120th Theorem was invented. Hardie could understand his talent and burned various scandals and brought him to Cambridge. In his earnest efforts, Ramanujan became known to the world’s mathematical scientists.

Ramanujan was incredible and surprisingly meritorious. As well as believing in the wonderful Gora and superstition. When Hardy is trying to take him to Cambridge, he is not going to want to travel to the sea. According to his belief, the species can be left out when you pass through the sea. Again, he read the sea of the dream of the goddess of faith. He kept his notes written in the notes book in the morning. Only the results were written, no proof. That’s why he used to do that was a great mystery. Although he always used to say that his goddess Namghiri came to him in a dream and said this. And why did he not write the proofs in the book, a mathematician said that the evidence was not very important to Ramanujan. That was the main thing that he thought was enough. Another reason is also estimated, that Ramanujan was not financially secure and at that time the paper prices were high. If necessary, write slate. It is good to mention here that this time was during World War I. The war has hit everyone in the way of living. After the notebook of Ramanuja, many mathematicians have lain to the idea, the problem has been solved.

He was amazingly talented, and that is why he was called mathematician. Ramchandra Rao, a mathematical expert on Ramanujan, described himself in his own language before taking up his job- “He opened the book and started explaining to me some of the things he discovered and I immediately understood that his statement is a bit of extant behavior; He understands the scope of my knowledge and ( hereinafter) he explained some simple things to me. His explanation was better than many textbooks in that time, and there was no doubt that he was a famous person. Step by step he upabrttika integrating (elliptic integral) and Hypergeometric section ( Hypergeometric series), I explained to him, and the last of divergent theories (Theory of divergent series), which is still unknown to the inhabitants of the earth, overwhelmed me Do it. I ask him, what he wants. That, he said, no samanyabhabe grasacchanera if suitable arrangements for his research can continue.”

The people of the world also gave him his honor, he was made a Fellow of Trinity College and a member of the Royal Society. He is the first person in India to be a member of the Royal Society. But the world did not find this uniquely gifted person more at the age of 32, Ramanujan died of tuberculosis. On December 22nd, this great gifted mathematician’s birthday wishes. The world can be born like a thousand more times.

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