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Slow Motion Time Machine – New Invention of Amir Hossain

Time Machine – A Invention of Amir Hossain

Amir Hossain, the instrument scientist of Bogra, Bangladesh. He invented the automated machines for making eco-friendly use. He has developed the solar system from the Sun’s solar wind and captures the sunlight from the sun’s interior, using ‘slow-motion time machine’ technology. He said that this thermodynamics will trigger a new era in the science world. After 9 years of research, he said on the verge of success. Amir Hossain claimed that this device will keep the body cells in the nervous system and keep the cells of the nervous system alive by taking heat from the sun. Older people who have died in the lungs will also be cured by using this tool.

Time Machine of Amir Hossain

There is no arrangement for breathing of dead cells in medical science after the death of cells in old age. Before the death, the doctors only treated the hypothesis, which he (Amir Hossain) had observed before his mother’s death. As he told the doctor, he learned that there is always a kind of thermal power in the human body. No medication works when this heat energy is inactivated. All the nerves inside the fine movement of the blood circulation are stopped. Each cell of the body has a specific lifespan. When this lifespan crosses, the cells die and are replaced by new cells. If any person is accidentally reached from very low temperature to extremely low temperatures, then all activities of that life will stop at the moment.

Then she is literally dead. Ending heart and cell division will stop life. It is possible to restore the life of the living organisms immediately after the introduction of the new thermally invasive organisms, immediately after the new invention of the slow-motion time machine is inserted into the thermodynamically controlled treatment system and the proper method can be realized. The process of awakening from the temporary inactivity to being immovable, unconscious, is to increase the temperature suddenly. In this, the biological function of the organism will start again.

If done successfully, it would seem like a great long sleep. He said that if my thermodynamics were treated, my mother could be cured. Since then, he decides how human beings can serve human beings in a healthy way by reducing human blood cells. In a long 9-year study, he found out that there was a medical procedure behind medical science.

Scientist Amir said that there are some bacteria found in the world that many of the Earth’s surface are under the light and non-oxygen-free areas. They use underground temperatures. The internal complexity of organisms is more than the external. If the outside temperature drops too much, then the heat from the biodiversity goes out. The body has been formed in everybody. Biological metabolism controls the body temperature, hormone levels, sleep behavior, etc. Through this watch, the organism of the body regulates circle work and behavior.

Chronic aging can be avoided by treating a type of illness. Generally, when a cell is aged in young age, new cells are created in the normal prevention system. But at one stage of age, the formation of new cells has ceased. The number of cells of a particular type increases day by day, and in this case, the old age starts to fall. This special cell is about 10 percent of the body of older people. By preventing this cell growth, it is possible to avoid old age. In this, people will have the opportunity to live for a long time. There is an enzyme in sunlight, which will stop the process of cell death.

This machine invented by Amir Hossain can be treated with special enzymes from the sun by treating it. He said that the machine will have 24-hour electricity reserve. There is a special arrangement for holding the factory that has 10-kilowatt power loads for seven days. Although the sun is covered with clouds or fog, there will be no difficulty in using it.

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