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10 Simple Ways to Help You Maintain Motivation Every Day

10 Simple Ways to Help You Maintain Motivation Every Day

  1. Keep the ideas to yourself

How to motivate yourself – Do not talk. Have you decided to finally run a marathon? Are you excited about the new idea? Is he bursting with joy because of the new project? Good. Leave these emotions to yourself.

Telling right and left about your intentions, you do only worse. Do not be tempted to collect a bunch of likes for a post about your intentions in the social network. A positive response makes your brain think that the job is already done, you have achieved your goal, and therefore there is no need to support motivation. So leave your intentions with you. His portion of admiration and likes you get for the story about the results.

  1. Cut your list of cases by half

Reducing the list of cases will do you good. When you realize that you can do everything that is on the list, stress and stress is falling, and your opportunities are expanding.

  1. Remember death and determine your heritage

Death is a great motivating force. Each of us runs the risk of getting stuck in mindless deeds. They make us feel that we achieve something, whereas in reality we just go around in circles. The realization that our existence is finite helps to determine what is really important. Everything that we do determines what heritage we will leave behind. It may seem like a pathos, but it’s true. And the realization of this can become a strong motivation.

  1. Celebrate even very small victories

Celebrating small victories helps create positive habits. And not necessarily every time to buy a cake or a bottle of champagne. It’s enough just to note that something good has happened. For example – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has set up a special “excellent bell” for this, to which he calls every time something good happens.

  1. Rest – You deserve it

A good rest helps us to work at the limit of opportunities. But often the moment when you cannot allocate a moment for rest, this is the moment when you need it most. So just take a vacation that you have long delayed, and go back to the affairs well rested and with fresh ideas.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Stop comparing your achievements with the victories of colleagues and neighbors. There are many people smarter than you. At the moment when you understand this, freedom will return to you. Freedom to explore, freedom to follow what admires you. Freedom does not pay attention to what and how they do, and the opportunity to concentrate on one’s own.

  1. Perceive new habits in a positive way

For example – you started to wake up two hours earlier than usual. Instead of perceiving a new habit as a two-hour lack of sleep, think of it as a new opportunity. You have two extra hours, for which you will have time to do much more.

  1. Be honest with yourself and with others

We live in a culture where social networks are of great importance. We are used to representing our life as perfect, creating an ideal image of ourselves, and this appearance of success can be dangerous. Showing not only successes but also failures, you get the additional motivation that helps you survive defeat. Survive negative emotions, and then move on.

In addition, by opening such moments to the audience, you create a closer relationship with your friends and subscribers.

  1. Do what you love (and how you can earn)

Find what you love and learn how to do it well. Success in any business is based on the combination of passion and experience. But be careful. Make sure that you can earn the results of this activity. You may like a lot of things, but not everyone can bring you revenue.

  1. Concentrate

There is one funny story about success. Once, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and his father were asked which is the most important component of success. And all three unanimously answered: “Concentration.” The answer was spontaneous, like the question itself, so they did not prepare in advance.

All of us periodically get distracted by checking email, and notifications from different applications and from social networks do not allow us to properly concentrate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

So at least sometimes put off your smartphone, put it in silent mode and completely immerse yourself in the work.


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