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Otto HahnOtto Hahn

On March 8, 1879, Otto Hahn was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Otto Hahn passed the entrance exam in science. At the time came the college’s premises. Everyone was surprised by the identity of his talent there too. Since then, he became very interested in practical science. Only theoretical tests cannot be done. Science says you will not get stuck till you get the proof in Hahnd. Otto Hahn played an important role in determining the nature of its motion, what would happen if there was a break in the nucleus of an atom. Now science has progressed a lot. Due to his discovery, radioactivity and nuclear physics have made improvements in many areas. This great scientist died in 1968.

Otto Hahn thought he would be a musician in the future. After that thought would be the painter. His artistic father also had the dream. Finally, Otto Hahn did not succeed to fulfill his father’s dream. Maybe it was a mistake, he was also an artist. Various types of equipment hold Hahnds instead of color and puff. Artist was a science artist In December 1938, the two auto-Hahn and Strauss Mann scientists of Germany succeeded in breaking the atom with the Uranium-235 neutrons particle. On December 22, they sent to the newspaper to publish the results of their research. Meitanner was a long-time colleague at Otto Hahn and Leigh. After Hitler’s arrival in Germany, Jewish Mayetner was forced to leave Germany and took shelter in Sweden.

At the same time, in 1939, at the same time in the session of the Physics Department, Nilos Bohr gave the explanation of OtoHahn’s experiments in the scientific field and immediately created a stir among the scientists. The Nobel Committee honoured the artwork of Otto Hahn. He was Hahnded over to him in 1944, the best of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and it was said that research on the erosion of the heavy nucleus has kept you alive.

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