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Nicolaus Copernicus

Nikolaus Kopernikus

Nicolaus Copernicus – The name of a scientist born in the light of darkness, ignorance. The childhood of the time when the absolute truth cannot be said to be expressed. As an astronomer, he has observed the planets of the heavens and the motion of the stars. Finally wrote against the wrong idea. But it was not so easy to speak against so-called wise people.

The priests of that time believed that the earth was the center of everything. That is, the solar system is earth-centered – the sun and other planets revolve around the earth. The long-term conviction was accepted in the ordinary people. In his observations, Copernicus can understand that there is a problem with this concept. But today it is impossible to say ‘wrong’ that day it was impossible to say. What can so many wise people do wrong! Copernicus, therefore, observed further. After that, he wrote about his book ‘Navabharamat Paribartan’. He finished writing it in 1530. But it is published in 1543! In the era of blind imitation, he could not dare to publish the book first.

If Nicholas survived after publishing the book, what would have been difficult to say! Because soon after the wrath of the clergy, the book was banned for 200 years! But the truth cannot be kept in this way. On the way to Copernicus, new followers of the city – Tycho Brahe, Johan Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno! Copernicus was born in Poland. On February 19, 1473 – Thorn in the port city of Vishchula. He studied astronomy, mathematics, and jurisprudence. After the study, the Baltic Sea got a position of priest in the church. The church was on a hill. Nicholas ran his observations from a dome near it.

Copernicus observed that the direction of the planets can be easily explained in the center of the Sun. The complexity arises when the earth is in the center of the body. Though his idea was not completely correct. His thoughts on the course of the planets were wrong. He was the first to go very close to the idea of the solar system. Tiko Brahay, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galileira show the path of light slowly through his way. They corrected Copernicus’s error and corrected the concept of the sun-centric solar system.

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