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Leisure Mitner

lise meitner

Leisure Mitner, On July 13, 1938, at the age of 66, at the time of Methan’s departure in Germany, Berlin left Berlin to Holland. When he was involved in the company of Dirk Roster, he had only one suitcase.

In the case of discovery of nuclear fission, it played an important role in leasing, from which the atom bombs and nuclear reactors were created. For a long time, he had to run away to save his life, lost his job and status, lost his friends, had to leave his favorite laboratory, just carried out the passion and love of physics. It is sad that today few people remember his name. But at that time he was considered one of the best researchers in the world. Albert Einstein told him, ‘Our own Mary Kuri. Although Huawei and Fritz Straussman jointly led the discovery of fission, they received the Nobel for that work alone. It was one of the tragic events of the time that he lived.

Mite was born in Vienna, Vienna, Austria in 1872. One of the first women who had the opportunity to study at the University of Maitner was one of them. He learned numerical and physics to a prominent figure like Ludwig Boltzmann. After that, he went to Berlin, where he received as a friend and a teacher, Maks Plank. There he started work jointly with chemist Otto Hahn. In 1902, the pair of Han-Mitanan published a number of test results on radioactivity.

In January 1934, Irene Curie and Frederick Joliette discovered artificial radioactivity. New radioactive isotopes were discovered by the collision of light-basic substances like aluminum with helium nuclei. Miteena lease is very encouraged by it. Not only did he prove its authenticity in his studies, but he also went ahead with the process. Enrico Fermi has already started researching in Rome. His idea was to create artificial radioactivity using neutrons. He quickly discovered that the new effect of Uranium was created by hitting the neutron, whose chemistry differs from uranium or any other element. Since then, the practice of ‘Uranium next’ element started.

In Lease, he did not join the study himself, encouraged auto hanake. He began his extensive study of neutron power and he was one of the first person who saw slow particles in nuclear reaction before being compared to fast speeds. In the spring of 1935, Straussmann’s extensive study of the Hanwell, Mitaner and the young substance chemist Straussmann. Mithner looked at the physics aspect, others chemistry. They all worked hard on the research.

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