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Johannes GutenbergJohann Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg, According to historians, about 4,000 years ago, people were involved in science, industry and literary work, even when people are not practicing science since their exact information. It is estimated from the archaeological survey and the findings from the debris and various texts on bones and stones. In the ages, wise and wise people have taken the human civilization far and wide with their actions, experiences, and capacities. And since ancient times, people have been trying hard to save their work and treasure.

In ancient times, to keep the mind in mind, on the hills of the forest, on trees or on stone trees, marks were cut or sign symbols. There was also a circulation of calculating a piece of stones and composing a pair of cloth bits. These methods are inadequate and incomprehensible due to the need for urgency and civilization. The era of the device has to come eventually, the effort of the people to get the fullness of this work by inventing the printing press.

Printing or printing press is a mechanical system where writing or photo imprint can be made in the paper, cloth or other materials by pressing the inked floor or material. In 1439, this method was first invented by a German gold jeweler Johann Gutenberg (1400-1468 AD). In the next year, in 1440, he developed the system. However, with the help of wood blocks, images and texts were known to have been introduced in China, Korea, and East Asia several hundred years ago.

In 1441, Chin Bai Singh invented the movable type printing. Since 1436, Gutenberg started the production of printing presses. In 1448, he printed the year’s calendar with his printing machine. In 1450, the first print Bible was published in Germany. Gutenberg’s technology quickly spread to Europe in print, in Europe. Later, it spread to other countries of the world. Johann Guttenberg invented mechanical book printing technology in the mid-fifteenth century. Until then, manuscript manuscripts were in circulation. Continues printing of the printing press. Gutenberg’s innovative method improves gradual and mechanical techniques. It was the main system for printing work until the end of the 20th century. It is said that the method was popular until the computer press, ie offset printing was invented.

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