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The Herbal Medicine that may help recover from Stroke

The Herbal Medicine that may help recover from Stroke

Health Care – One study suggests that a plant called Ginkgo Biloba can help the patient’s brain recover again. These herbal medicines are available in any shop in Britain. However, these herbal medicines are used in China to improve memory retention and depression. After six months of an experimental treatment on 330 stroke affected patients in China, researchers found that their brain could do a good job after those who have been given these medicines.


However, some experts say, It is not possible to say with a strong emphasis that zinc is not responsible for the increase in brain capabilities of those patients. The online journal Stroke and Vascular’s neurology, where the news of this research has been published, acknowledged that it is necessary to conduct experimental treatment and research with a more comprehensive and longer time frame. This study was conducted at Nanjing University Medical School with patients from five Chinese hospitals. Within a week of the stroke, these drugs were provided to those 330 patients.

And the average age of patients was 64. Almost half of these patients are given aspirin tablets as well as half a day aspirin tablets and the other half are fed only aspirin tablets. During the stroke, blood vessels are not suitable for important parts of the brain, As a result, the memory loss is broken and the best way to get rid of stroke is to lose the ability to think or work properly. The purpose of the researchers was to see that the risk of straining the stroke caused by the spread of aspirin pills is not possible. Ginkgo Biloba could prevent the death of nerve cells due to blood clotting in the brain, Earlier in experiments with animals.


The reason is that the blood flow to the arteries of the brain helps to increase prolapse. Studies have also shown that after eating Junko’s disease, the patient has been able to overcome the stress of speaking quickly and get the muscle power back much faster. However, the researchers admitted that they did not visit patients for a long time and the patients knew which teams were given experimental treatment, which may have also affected the result. Zinno is one of the oldest species of trees. Researchers say the extract that they used in this study was far less than the extracted substance used by the chemicals.


They have noticed very little side-effects during the examination. After two months of experimental treatment, they shared their health status with two years of supervision and have not seen any negative consequences among the users of Ginkgo Biloba or their symptoms have not been returned in some way. But some of those who had only been treated with aspirin pills had been infected with stroke. However, the researchers said they are optimistic about the results they have received in this study, and further, they want to do more deep research.

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