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Green Umbrella Health Care Center will take Manager in 2018

Green Umbrella Health Care Center will take Manager in 2018

Green umbrella health care Ltd. Since 2010, providing medical facilities available through the campaign. In continuation of this, in order to create self-employment for the unemployed youth / unions, expansion of the branches at the union / thana level, the nutrition, family planning, mother and child health care, diarrhea healing, diabetes, pressure (blood pressure) diagnosis and control, AIDS ) Are working to provide all kinds of medical services, including creating awareness about the availability.

The above activities are being called for applications from male/female interested in managing the branches through successful implementation of their respective union/police stations.

Name of the post: Center Manager

Qualification: Graduation / Equivalent

Age: Within 18-50 years.

Candidates will be finalized by interviewing at the head office and will be finalized by preparing the training in selected areas of their area.

The candidate has to be known in his area, skillful in organizational work, agile, sweet spoken, etc.

Salaries and other benefits:

In the first two or three months of the first year of internship monthly salary is 14,000 taka, then 17,000 taka.

Besides festival bonuses, profit bonuses, t.a. And other benefits will be given as per company rules.

Application Conditions:

Biodata with the name of the interested candidate, e-mail, mobile number, and photograph, by post/ courier/e-mail ( shobujsata@gmail.com ) at the following address on April 29, 018. Maqsudul Islam Khan, to be sent along with the General Manager.

You can also apply online through Chakri.com online.

Organization Address: Green umbrella Health Care Ltd.

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