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NASA & Uber’s new project ‘Flying Car’ could arrive in 2020

NASA & Uber’s new project ‘Flying Car’ could arrive in 2020

Global Transportation Technology Company is taking a major step in implementing the Flying Car/vehicle vision. Uber has announced an agreement with NASA to make it a reality by 2020. This announcement was made by a video published on Wednesday. The concept of flying planes is to create a vertical or vertical network for landing and landing of vehicles. If the idea is implemented, passengers will be able to reduce the number of travel times while reducing car pollution in major cities as well.

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The contract between Transport Technology Company Uber and US Space Agency NASA may seem a bit weird. But the agreement, which has already taken place before Uber, requires the agreement to be implemented smoothly and to keep it running, officials said. Uber’s chief product officer Jeff Holden told NBC News: “The purpose of our signed space agreement with NASA is to provide basic support to the Flying Boat Management.” He said, “Too much to fly in the sky. For this reason, their help will be needed to help in the management of the sky.

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Also, Los Angeles is declared the second US city to run Uber’s air service test. Uber’s first US partner at Fort Worth Airport in Dallas. On the other hand, Dubai will be their first global city. Holden hopes that this initiative of Uber will be implemented by 2020 and it will be commercially launched by 2023. This service can be especially useful before the Los Angeles Olympics 2028. A densely populated city is already preparing to welcome players and fans coming from all over the world.

In October last year, the passengers promised to end the long journey. By pressing only one button, the passengers were told to take them to the sky. There are 20 strategic locations around the city for the Uber network in Los Angeles. Uber’s published video shows that its seat will be similar to the aircraft’s seat and will fly and vertically like the aircraft. Holden said, ‘This is an inspirational way of travel. You can fly through the city just by pressing a button.’

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