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Get Rich Fast with Cash Flowing Assets

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Get Rich Fast with Cash Flowing Assets Get Rich Fast – Once the cash was the king and then on one day in August 1971 cash was dethroned by ‘cash flow’. A new regime was in power. Right here’s what I imply, there was a time while running for cash, …

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Secrets of Money Creation

Secrets of Money Creation Money Creation described by many as the most important scam within the records of mankind; for others, it’s a blessing and a using pressure of the economy. For John Maynard Keynes it was a procedure that “engages all the hidden forces of financial regulation on the …

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10 Simple Ways to Help You Maintain Motivation Every Day


10 Simple Ways to Help You Maintain Motivation Every Day Keep the ideas to yourself How to motivate yourself – Do not talk. Have you decided to finally run a marathon? Are you excited about the new idea? Is he bursting with joy because of the new project? Good. Leave …

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Be sure of yourself and never misunderstand yourself!

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Be sure of yourself and never misunderstand yourself! One day a young man came to the Master and said: “I came to you because I feel so pathetic and worthless that I do not want to live. Everyone around me is saying that I’m a loser, a fool, and an …

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5 Recommendations to Self-Development


5 Recommendations that Contribute to Self-Development Spend your leisure only with people who are pleasant to you Recreation brings pleasure, true pleasure only when there are people near you who sincerely love, respect and are always ready to help in difficult times. Only a pleasant environment will bring you back …

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Journey To Mars – Is there life on Mars?


Journey To Mars – Is there life on Mars? Nearly 400 million years ago, an eruption caused a rock on Mars. Fifty million years later, due to a meteorite, the rock became a small fragment. Some water in the rock also enters. Ela Mars was hit by an asteroid rocking 1.6 …

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The History of Math Symbols

The History of Math Symbols

Where does math symbols come from? Math Symbols: In the 16th century, The Mathematician Robert Recorde wrote a book called, ‘‘The Whetstone of Witte’’ to teach English students algebra. But he was getting tired of writing the words ‘is equal to’ over and over. His solution? He replaced those words …

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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) | Leave Them Alone

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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) | Leave Them Alone Artificial intelligence (A.I.) Computer science is a branch, the power of human intelligence and thought are trying to imitate by computer. Artificial intelligence has now become an academic education field where it is taught how to create computers and software that will show intelligence. To start with, even …

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The History of Computer (Part-03)

Computer uses in Education and Organization

Computer-based Education and Organization Computer Education: Institutional computer education in Bangladesh started in Bangladesh by establishing Computer Science and Engineering Division in 1984 in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Computer Science Department of Dhaka University was established on 1st September 1992. At present, most government and private universities of Bangladesh and …

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The History of Computer (Part-02)

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Computer Parts Addition Bangladesh itself does not produce any kind of computer parts. In most cases, they are imported from Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Singapore. In addition, some computers and computer parts are imported from Japan, America, and Europe. Most of the demand for computers in the country is enclosed by local companies. According …

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