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One of America’s founding men, many scholars, writers, political theorists, scientists, diplomats Benjamin Franklin was born on 17 January 1706. As a scientist, one of the most important figures in the history of America’s illuminated era and science is remembered for power related discoveries and theories. In 1747, his propagated positive and negative power theory was highly appreciated. Franklin Stave, Lightning Rod His Discovery In 1751, he joined politics. He participated in the American Independence Movement. Franklin’s father’s name is Jesse Franklin.

Benjamin studied at the Boston Latin School But did not finish graduation. However, he used to read a lot. At the age of 15, he published a new publication called The New England Current. He was the governor of Pennsylvania until 1785-1788. At the end of his life, he liberates his servants. His names have been printed differently in American coins, cities and educational institutions.

His contributions to science, in particular, on physics, are quite remarkable. For example, thunderbolt bar, bifocal lens, Franklin oven, odometer, Franklin Harmonica etc. In 1730, a woman named Dobra married that woman. In 1731 he founded Philadelphia Public Library. In 1732 Pour Richard Alamank started. He died on 17 April 1790.

Benjamin Franklin has a fun story about the power discovery. Spectacular lightning in the sky and the electricity produced in our house did not know the same thing. Benjamin proves that the brightness of the sky and the electricity made from the house are the same thing. On June 15, 1752, he was experimenting with a stormy wind in dangerous tests. That day rain accompanied by a strong wind. He wiped out that day a kite made of silk cloth. The yarn of kite that also uses silk yarn the last head of the yarn is tied to the hand, a key made of metal. And the key was one breath at his hands.

The reason for silk yarn, the silk cloth could transport the electron if you rub the glass in the silk cloth, it may be used to draw small pieces of paper or pieces of wood, which were long before. On him was the capacity of the transport of wet water in the rainwater increased. Franklin did not know how big a danger he was doing. As soon as the lightning flashed in the sky, he came down from the electrically heated yarn and sat in the keys. The lightning surge in the key window Benjamin’s fate is astonishing to think about how good it was. Because two people died in this work. What is the amount of electricity in the sky! About two and a half hundred years ago, the experiment was done by Benjamin Franklin.

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