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Alessandro Giuseppe António Anastasio Volta He is an Italian physicist. He was the pioneer in the development of power. In the eighteenth century, he was the first to discover the first battery or electricity cell. He was born in Komoy. He studied at a government school there. In 1774, he was employed as a professor of physics at the Royal School of Komor. The following year he invented Electrophores, from which he was able to produce stable electricity. According to him, the name of electric voltage unit in SI unit single mode has been named Vault. Volta was born on 18 February 1745 in the northern city of Komoto, near the present-day Swiss border.

Worked in the development of electrophores and created stable electricity. This discovery was extremely expensive, which, in the same way, in 1762, the Swedish John conjectured the cost of operating the machine for John Week. Alessandro Volta created volcano volumes of the ancient version of modern batteries in 1800 due to differences with the Luigi Gallavani about the Galvanic action. Volta discovered that the most effective metallic materials for generating electricity are zinc and silver. In the 1880s, the international electrical conglomerate approved volts as the electric current (energy) unit.

Between 1776-78, he studied the science of chemistry in chemistry. He invented methane gas. He wrote a book by Benjamin Franklin of the United States and continued his search in various areas of Italy. Then in November 1776, Maggiore’s Harrod Methane was found. After this, in 1778, he was able to concrete methane.

In recognition of his work, in 1801, he was nominated by Count Napoleon Bonaparte. His photo was printed in Italy with 10 thousand liters of quality. This currency is no longer available after taking Euro Lier’s place. In 1819 he retired. Kamanagote in Kamoagote started living This place is now named after the Kamnago Volta. This great scientist was killed on 5 March 1827. In memory of her, a memorial museum has been developed in Koma town. In Italy, which is called Tempio Voltaiano. Volta Temple in English It was raised beside the lake in a garden. Volta used to experiment with his scientific experiment – there are so many things stored there.

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